What Precautions to Follow When Using Oxygen Cylinders?

What Precautions to Follow When Using Oxygen Cylinders?

What Precautions to Follow When Using Oxygen Cylinders?

Caution should be exercised when using oxygen cylinders. Just as oxygen provides human life, it can also prevent human life. Oxygen is one of the rare things at present. In an effort to save their loved ones, many people are now searching for oxygen cylinders and taking them home or to the hospital.

Since this demand and use of oxygen cylinders will be an inevitable part of our lives for many more days, So there are some dangers to using, storing and transporting oxygen cylinders, and some precautions to avoid.

Just as oxygen provides our life Oxygen can end our lives.The main component of any fire is the oxygen in the air. Where there is an oxygen cylinder or some other way oxygen supply. There are special precautions to be taken to avoid fire accidents.

This is because of the oxygen-rich environment or the oxygen-absorbed atmosphere. That is where the amount of oxygen is higher than normal.There is a high probability of a fire accident. If an accident occurs, it can take on a much larger size.

Objects that do not burn in a normal environment. In an oxygen-rich environment, they can participate in the combustion process intensely. On the other hand, events that are not the cause of a fire in a normal environment can cause a severe fire in an oxygen-rich environment(Such as small sparks, smoking, extinguished cigarettes, metal-to-metal friction, the presence of any heat, etc).

Therefore, physical damage to the cylinder due to any push, injury or any other reason, presence of sunlight or any other heat, not to install the cylinder as per the rules, Do not follow the correct rules when opening or closing the valve of the cylinder. Etc. can cause it to explode, which can cause horrible amounts.

Hence the use, storage and transportation of oxygen cylinders Caution should be exercised when doing. Such as:

  1. Provide oxygen to the patient as advised by the physician.
  2. After all, there are specific rules for using the oxygen cylinder (opening / closing the valve, controlling the regulator knob, checking the position of the handle, etc.), knowing them, being trained and then using the cylinder.
  3. Care should be taken while transporting the oxygen cylinder so as not to injure or push it in any way, Or does not roll, direct sunlight so as not to fall on the cylinder too long, etc.
  4. 5. There is a good ventilation system – keep oxygen cylinders in such places,This is because in that case, the concentration of oxygen in the air in a closed space increases the chances of creating an oxygen-rich environment.
  5. Do not spray aerosols, paints or the like while using oxygen.
  6. Where there is an oxygen cylinder, be careful not to make even the smallest spark (electric spark, cigarette spark, metal-friction spark, any kind of welding work, etc.).
  7. Ensure that there is no heat source near the cylinder.
  8. Place the cylinder firmly on the stand or cart during use.