Oxygen Cylinder Refill Price in Bangladesh

Oxygen Cylinder Refill Price in Bangladesh

Oxygen cylinder refill price in Bangladesh has started from Taka 150 to Taka 300 per pitch. But if you want to get the refueling service sitting at your home. Then you have to spend Taka.600 to Taka.800 per pitch including refueling fee and home delivery.

Why do we charge 600 to 800 taka to provide oxygen cylinder refill service in Dhaka. All of them are included here.

  1. Let us know just 1 hour ago,And we will refill the oxygen cylinder in 2 hours and deliver your oxygen cylinder to your home.
  2. We always have extra oxygen cylinders, which are full of liquid oxygen. We provide this service to patients who need oxygen on an emergency basis.This service is provided, our company brings empty oxygen cylinders from the customer and gives the patient refilled oxygen cylinders.
  3. Three companies have oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh( 1=Linde Oxygen Cylinder. 2=China Oxygen Cylinder. 3=Islam Oxygen Cylinder.). Which cannot be refueled everywhere. We provide this service. Therefore, additional service charge is added to the refuel charge.

Note: All esteemed customers who have purchased Oxygen Cylinder from us. We want to let them know that we will refuel their oxygen cylinders as soon as they run out of oxygen. And we’ve been providing this service since the beginning of our business. So those who have purchased oxygen cylinders from us will not be worried.

Why do we need oxygen cylinder refill?

When liquid oxygen is depleted in the cylinders, the cylinders need liquid oxygen. Without this liquid oxygen, a patient cannot receive oxygen even if he has a cylinder. For this, the oxygen cylinder needs to be refilled. A cylinder is a metal object in which liquid oxygen is stored at high pressure. And is provided to the patient through specified means.

When liquid oxygen, The amount of output can be determined from the cylinder when it is delivered to the patient.