Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery

 How is Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery at Home?

If anyone wants to get Medical Oxygen Cylinder as a medical product through home delivery at home. Then he has to order with a doctor’s prescription in the order form. No matter where you are in Bangladesh. One of our 10 delivery men will deliver oxygen cylinders to your home to deliver our oxygen cylinders to your home.

You will need to sign a consent form after the product has been delivered to your home. The company’s delivery man, then, will deliver medical oxygen cylinder to your home. An engineer from our company will assist you in installing the oxygen cylinder. This will allow you to set the product. And you can learn all the important information from him, about the use and set up of the oxygen cylinder.

Medical oxygen cylinders are being delivery to the patient's home.

Medical oxygen cylinders are being delivery to the patient’s home.

Why is it necessary to delivery oxygen cylinder at home ?

The level of oxygen in the blood of a healthy person needs to be 90 to 100 percent. And the problem starts when the level of this oxygen goes below 90. In most cases, the oxygen level of many patients sitting at home has dropped below 90 percent. In this case, a medical oxygen cylinder is required. And, a medical oxygen cylinder is needed at home. And then home delivery of medical oxygen cylinders became very important.

When the level of oxygen in the blood decreases, the head begins to relax, the body feels weak and there are breathing problems. In such a situation many become unconscious. When there is a lack of oxygen in the blood, there is also a lack of oxygen in the brain. Which is very dangerous. Then breathing and lack of oxygen to the brain become the most worrying.

Many people think of taking the patient to the hospital and giving him oxygen. But lack of oxygen can lead to fatal accidents with the patient at any time. Therefore, in such cases, the relatives of the patient should. Provide immediate oxygen to the patient by purchasing medical oxygen cylinder from any nearby institution through home delivery .

Reading the above situation is understandable How necessary an oxygen cylinder home delivery can be for a patient whose blood oxygen level is less than 90 percent.

Which company sells medical oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh and provides home delivery ?

Prova oxygen sells medical oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh and provides home delivery. In the urban areas of Bangladesh, home delivery of medical oxygen cylinders is required for thousands of patients daily. Our company provides 60 percent of this. We know how to deliver oxygen to a patient’s home very quickly. We have a well organized delivery team. Who are ready to deliver medical oxygen to the patient’s home 24 hours a day.

If you need this medical oxygen cylinder from anywhere in Bangladesh. Then contact us. We will deliver oxygen cylinders within 40 minutes within Dhaka City and deliver medical oxygen home within 12 hours outside Dhaka.