Oxygen Cylinder Rent in Dhaka

How much does it cost to rent an oxygen cylinder in Dhaka?

In our capital, oxygen cylinders are divided into three parts and rented. The reason for this is that people should be able to receive such services at their convenience. Oxygen cylinder rent in Dhaka is 3500 taka per week, fortnightly oxygen cylinder rent is taka 5,000 and the monthly rent is only taka 7,000.

The rent of oxygen cylinders in Dhaka changes with time. When the demand for a product is high, the price is usually a little. There is a lot of demand for medical oxygen for corona. At this time the oxygen traders of our country are a little inflexible about renting oxygen cylinders. So now those who are renting medical oxygen cylinders have to spend a little more money. However, this price is not so high. What makes people worry is whether I should rent an oxygen cylinder or not.

Oxygen Cylinder Rent in Dhaka

A patient suffering from oxygen deficiency at a hospital in Dhaka is being given hired oxygen.

Who rent oxygen cylinder in Dhaka?

Prova Oxygen rent medical oxygen cylinder all over Dhaka at very reasonable prices. We have Oxygen Cylinder and Medical Oxygen made with the highest quality technology in the world. We usually provide products for sale to the public. However, for those who cannot afford to buy oxygen cylinders, we rent weekly, fortnightly and monthly products.

Those 7 days They need oxygen, they can rent it for seven days, Those who need it for 15 days can rent it for 15 days and Those who need it for 1 month can also rent it for 1 month.

5% of the people living in Dhaka city are upper class. They have the ability to purchase oxygen cylinders. But the rest of the people can no longer afford to buy oxygen cylinders at such a high price. So we rent oxygen cylinder in Dhaka to those who need them. Contact us if anyone needs to rent an oxygen cylinder.

A few days ago, a man in Dhaka’s Mirpur was infected with the corona virus and could not breathe. Only 90 percent of the oxygen in his blood went down. In that case he needs oxygen. But due to lack of money he could not buy oxygen cylinders. He then rented a refueling oxygen cylinder from our company for 7 days. It was found that the person’s life was saved and he also received low cost oxygen services.

This example proves how much people are benefiting by renting oxygen cylinders. We have very little income by rent oxygen cylinder in dhaka. However, nothing can be more valuable than human life.

Why rent needed oxygen cylinders?

Currently, people who are infected with the corona virus or have difficulty breathing suffer from short-term oxygen deficiency. Short-term oxygen services are needed for this short-term oxygen deficiency. If someone buys a medical oxygen cylinder. Depending on the company, the cost will be around 18 thousand to 26 thousand rupees. If he rents on a monthly basis, his expenses will be one third of it. His extra money is not being wasted here.

Then those who buy oxygen cylinder. They have to spend a reasonable amount for the maintenance of the cylinders. If someone has rented an oxygen cylinder, he does not have to incur the cost. Then there are security risks. If the rented oxygen cylinder does not feel safe, you can return it. If purchased. Then you have to sell at a very nominal price.

So I would say, if you are in Dhaka and you do not have the ability to buy oxygen cylinders then you can rent oxygen cylinders. Oxygen cylinder rent in Dhaka is very low. So no more worrying about renting oxygen cylinders. We always provide rent the highest quality oxygen cylinder home deliver and any other place in dhaka.