Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the price of Linde Oxygen Cylinder is taka 26,500, China Oxygen Cylinder is taka 14,500 and Islam Oxygen Cylinder is taka 17,000.

The people of Bangladesh use oxygen cylinders of three companies in total. If someone searches on Google, what is the price of oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh? Then it can be a suitable answer, the minimum oxygen cylinder costs taka 14,500, the middle level costs taka 17,000 and the highest level costs taka 26,500.

When a customer in Bangladesh searches Google to buy oxygen. Then maybe most of the time he doesn’t specify the name of any company. He buys the oxygen cylinder tie that comes in front of him. So as a seller we should let the customer know, How much can you buy oxygen from any company? And how many companies have oxygen cylinders on the market right now? And how much do these products cost?

Due to the current epidemic in Bangladesh, a large number of people are suffering from respiratory problems. And oxygen levels are declining from the body. As a result, they often die due to lack of oxygen. They buy oxygen from anywhere to save his life. It is often seen that they buy low priced oxygen cylinders at higher prices. We actually want, so that the buyer can buy the right oxygen at a reasonable price. After that if anyone does a Google search and finds out that medical oxygen cylinders of three companies are available in Bangladesh.And these three companies are

  1. Linde Bangladesh.
  2. Islam Oxygen and
  3. China Oxygen.

Linde Oxygen cylinder has the highest price 26,500 taka. The price of Islam Oxygen is in the middle level, its price is 17000 taka. The lowest price is China Oxygen, priced at 14,500 taka.

A buyer has purchased oxygen cylinders from the market of Bangladesh at a very reasonable price.

A buyer has purchased oxygen cylinder’s from the market of Bangladesh at a very reasonable price.

Why are people confused about the price of medical oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, people are usually confused about the price of oxygen cylinder. The main reason for this is the difference in the price of oxygen cylinders of different companies. What the common man understands to mean a medical oxygen cylinder, That is, a metal container contains liquid and pure oxygen for breathing.

But when a person goes to buy that product for the patient. Then he is faced with various questions. For example, which company’s oxygen cylinder will you buy? Then the buyer says I will buy a medical oxygen cylinder. After that the seller says the three companies have oxygen. Which one do you need, the buyer does not know the name of the company. When he hears the name and price of the company. After that he took a lot of time to understand the path. So many buyers became confused.

Lack of proper information can be blamed for this.People in our Bangladesh often think from their common thinking that medical products mean something different. It cannot be a commercial product. But every problem they need to know is the source of the business. And the solution to the problem is profit.

Which company sells Medical Oxygen Cylinders in Bangladesh?

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