Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen Cylinder : This is very important for patients suffering from oxygen deficiency.

Each of our Oxygen Cylinder sold has passed 100% safety test by the Ministry of Chemicals, Government of Bangladesh. Each of our oxygen cylinders is filled with medical grade oxygen made from its own oxygen plant. Our manufactured product complies with the production process ISO9001: 2008. Our oxygen is also tested by various laboratories around the world and its quality is tested 4 times per month. If ever there is any doubt about the quality of oxygen, it is done 8 times.

We provide sell and rent oxygen cylinders for home and hospital use. Those in Bangladesh who want to buy and rent oxygen cylinders. They need to know that the oxygen cylinder we sell are made of aluminum alloy and come with an attached flow regulator. It is easy to carry and has a portable handle for easy carrying. It does not catch the mirage, so there is no chance of the mirage going to the nose while the patient is breathing.

We have three sizes of oxygen cylinders. And we sell oxygen cylinder from three companies. The size of these three oxygen cylinders usually depends on the amount of liquid oxygen. Larger cylinders contain slightly more liquid oxygen, medium cylinders contain medium levels of oxygen, and smaller oxygen cylinders contain less oxygen. However, each cylinder has to be refilled after a specified time.

A standard medical oxygen cylinder .

A standard medical oxygen cylinder .

Rules for using oxygen cylinder.

Oxygen cannot burn on its own. But the spark of a small fire can actually spread the fire very quickly. So when using oxygen at home or in the hospital we should follow some rules and be careful. Here are some rules for using oxygen cylinders safely to avoid accidents.

  1. Never use an oxygen cylinder near a fire. Oxygen cylinders should be kept at least 10 meters away from the fire. No smoke can be placed in the vicinity of the oxygen cylinder and no candles can be placed.
  2. Electric razors should not be used nearby when using oxygen. Electric razors can cause sparks of fire.
  3. Wear clothes that we should not wear when using oxygen. Which can cause sparks of fire. And it is also important to note that people in the vicinity should not do anything that could cause a spark of fire.
  4. Oxygen cylinders should be kept upright in a safe place at all times. The cylinder should be kept well on the stand. If it falls, the valve may become loose. The compressed oxygen in the cylinder can turn the cylinder into a dangerous missile.
  5. It is very important to keep the cylinder in a ventilated place. And it must be taken care that the sunlight does not fall directly on the cylinder.
  6. If you want to use an oxygen cylinder at home, you need to know how to open it, and close it.
  7. Avoid using combustible materials such as cleaning fluids, paint thinners and aerosol sprays. Do not use oily fat and petroleum based skin products. For example: Vaseline.
  8. In rooms where you will use oxygen cylinders, write down Do not light fires and do not smoke.
  9. Keep oxygen equipment away from all sources of heat after use.
  10. Check daily if the oxygen cylinder is leaking. If you think the oxygen cylinder has leaked, put out all the fires. And open all the windows you need.
  11. Collect the number of the company selling the oxygen cylinder. If there is a problem with the oxygen cylinder, contact them directly.
  12. Make sure the smoke detector is working properly. If necessary, install a new battery.

Do you need to purchase an oxygen cylinders?

Anyone can feel the need to purchase an oxygen cylinder. If someone in his home needs medical oxygen. When do ordinary people buy oxygen cylinders? When only 90 percent of the oxygen in his or her body goes down. When the level of oxygen decreases, various problems occur. For example,

  1. The head may feel dizzy.
  2. The body may feel weak.
  3. Breathing may be difficult.

Many can become unconscious. When the oxygen level in the blood drops below the correct level, the brain also lacks oxygen – which is very dangerous. To avoid all these problems, it is very important and useful to buy oxygen cylinders.

If someone needs an oxygen cylinders. Then you can contact us. We sell very quality medical oxygen cylinders. And at any time at the patient’s home, we provide Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery.