Why is Oxygen Concentrator Used?

Why is Oxygen Concentrator Used?

Why is Oxygen Concentrator Used?

Oxygen Concentrator Provides Complementary Oxygen to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients
And, in high concentrations, for severe chronic hypoxemia and Pulmonary edema. These are used as a supportive treatment, later for severe sleep apnea. Oxygen concentrators are commonly used as a source to provide long-term oxygen therapy. The structure of the oxygen concentrator is like that of a cabinet. Where there are compressors and filters, pipes, an asymptomatic cannula or mask. Portable oxygen concentrators additionally include an AC or DG charger and a battery.

The condenser is drawn into the room air and it goes through a series of filter shots. Which removes dust bacteria and other particles. In the first step of the condensation process, a compressor sieve air flows in one of the two cylinders containing the material. Where nitrogen is absorbed. Concentrated oxygen and a small portion of other air are found in indoor air.Nitrogen is absorbed in other cylinders and is exhausted in the atmosphere.

Operating steps of Oxygen Concentrator

  1. The oxygen concentrator will be set up by an expert first.
  2. Unity is a power source plugin,Is turned on and the oxygen flow is controlled by a doctor.
  3. An adjunct nasal canola mask is given to the patient’s nose.
  4. Oxygen concentrators are usually used for a certain period of time. For a specific day or a specific week.

Reported problems

Oxygen concentrators may fail to produce oxygen therapeutic levels. The reasons for this include the air intake system, For common problems with sieve control, faulty fitting of valves, and contaminated sieve equipment.

Water vapor in indoor air can compromise the absorption of nitrogen in the rice bed by entering small holes in the internal tube well; If enough water vapor contaminates the sieve bed again,Then the distributed gas will be the air in the room. Patients may experience irritation from the nasal cannula.