RGK “CLUB SPORT” Multi-Sport Wheelchair

৳ 160,000

RGK “CLUB SPORT” Multi-Sport Wheelchair price only 160000/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh....


Wheelchair Price in BD

The perfect entry level multi-sport wheelchair… The RGK “CLUB SPORT” is a multi-sport wheelchair that allows you to get active without a major financial commitment. Choosing a sport shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing decision. You need flexibility to try and test what’s out there to truly know what you enjoy, what is suitable and what you’re good at. The RGK “CLUB SPORT” helps you do just that. As a multi-sport wheelchair, you can use it to play wheelchair basketball, tennis, lacrosse, or quad-rugby, amongst many other adaptive sports. It’s also the perfect chair for sports clubs, schools, and non-profits due to the range of sizes and adjustments it comes in. Ideal for differently shaped players and students, providing a solid return on investment with excellent longevity of life and re-usability.  Configurable sizes

  • Suitable for multi-sport use – e.g. Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Quad-Rugby
  • Uses: Beginner, Club, School, Non-Profit
  • Chrome moly frame
  • Product weight from 11.8kg (26 lbs)
  • Max user weight 125kg (275 lbs)
  • 4 x seat height options


  • Order Form – CLUB SPORT


  • Option 1 (Junior Size): Basketball (w/ wing), Front Frame Height: 480mm/18.9″, Rear Frame Height: 420mm/16.5″, Frame Total Length: 520mm/20.5″.
  • Option 2: Basketball (w/ wing), Front Frame Height: 500mm/19.7″, Rear Frame Height: 400mm/15.7″, Frame Total Length: 580mm/22.8″.
  • Option 3: Basketball (w/ wing) or Tennis (w/o wing), Front Frame Height: 500mm/19.7″, Rear Frame Height: 440mm/17.3″, Frame Total Length: 580mm/22.8″.
  • Option 4 (Max. Height): Basketball (w/ wing), Front Frame Height: 530mm/20.9″, Rear Frame Height: 530mm/20.9″, Frame Total Length: 580mm/22.8″ (SW = 370/400), 630mm/24.8″ (SW = 440).