RGK “CLUB SPORT” Multi-Sport Wheelchair


Wheelchair Price in BD

DB… RGK “CLUB SPORT” is an ideal entry price for a multi-purpose wheelchair, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to stay active. It is not necessary to select all or all of a sport. You need to be flexible to test the available functions to really find what you like, suitable and good at. RGK “CLUB SPORT” will help you. As a multifunctional sports wheelchair in bd, in addition to many other adaptive sports, you can also play basketball, tennis, hockey or ATV rugby. It is also an ideal chair for sports clubs, schools and non-profit organizations. Various sizes and sizes. It is ideal for players and students of all skill levels, offering a consistent return on investment as well as outstanding durability and reusability.

  • Suitable for multi-sport use – e.g. Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Quad-Rugby
  • Uses: Beginner, Club, School, Non-Profit
  • Chrome moly frame
  • Product weight from 11.8kg (26 lbs)
  • Max user weight 125kg (275 lbs)
  • 4 x seat height options


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  • Option 1 (Junior Size): Basketball (w/ wing), Front Frame Height: 480mm/18.9″, Rear Frame Height: 420mm/16.5″, Frame Total Length: 520mm/20.5″.
  • Option 2: Basketball (w/ wing), Front Frame Height: 500mm/19.7″, Rear Frame Height: 400mm/15.7″, Frame Total Length: 580mm/22.8″.
  • Option 3: Basketball (w/ wing) or Tennis (w/o wing), Front Frame Height: 500mm/19.7″, Rear Frame Height: 440mm/17.3″, Frame Total Length: 580mm/22.8″.
  • Option 4 (Max. Height): Basketball (w/ wing), Front Frame Height: 530mm/20.9″, Rear Frame Height: 530mm/20.9″, Frame Total Length: 580mm/22.8″ (SW = 370/400), 630mm/24.8″ (SW = 440).

Responsive and durable-very suitable for all kinds of wheelchair sports. The price of the BD multisport wheelchair is an ideal entry-level sports wheelchair price in bd for children and adults. It is ideal for individuals, clubs, schools or universities, sports associations and community projects. Robust multifunctional sports are designed for a large number of people to use, from wheelchair basketball to Bd wheelchair tennis. It is easy to set up and seems safe for new users, but it allows you to quickly compete in different fields and conditions.

Removable finger protection device (or bumper) makes it flexible for non-contact or non-contact sports and other activities. There are four variants of the adult model. Seat width-each size is color-coded, so users and instructors can quickly choose their favorite wheelchair price in bd at the beginning of the exercise. For sports children who need to buy DB baby wheelchairs safely, quickly and cheaply, you can also use the basic model!