Pulse Oximeter

৳ 1,500

The price of pulse Oximeter 1500 taka in Bangladesh.Contact us if you need this...


At present the price of Pulse Oximeter in Bangladesh (BD) is Taka. 1500/- .

The pulse oximeter is a device that measures the heart rate and oxygen levels in the body. This device is easy to carry and very efficient. This device is placed on the head of the finger to know the amount of oxygen in the body. No special training is required for use. Anyone without any kind of letter knowledge is a pulse oximeter
Can use. At present in Bangladesh (BD), the price of such a useful pulse oximeter has been fixed at only 1500/- taka.

Why do you need a pulse oximeter?

The pulse oximeter is a very useful and helpful device for patients who have symptoms of corona virus or who are infected with corona virus. The pulse oximeter measures the level of oxygen in the body to understand who needs oxygen therapy, who needs to be hospitalized, who needs to be kept in ICU or ventilation, who needs to be monitored, and so on.

There are also a variety of illnesses that can cause respiratory problems. Heart rate can be very high, low or abnormal. The pulse oximeter can be used to measure the body’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

It can be used to measure the problem and if you feel the problem,However, you may be hospitalized And doctor’s advice may be taken.

What is the normal level of oxygen in the body?

Usually when the body’s oxygen level is measured with a pulse oximeter. Then if the level of oxygen in the body is 95 percent to 100 percent, then it is called normal level. From this we can say that if the level of oxygen in the body is below 95 percent, then it is abnormal.When the level of oxygen in the body drops below 95 percent, then there is a lack of oxygen in the body.

Then there is a lot of difficulty in breathing, along with headaches, heart palpitations and chest pains increase in many parts. Continuous hypoxia impairs the function of various organs in the body and causes cell death. And for this reason, oxygen has to be given to the body through ventilation. However, in some cases, the level of oxygen in chronic lung disease is normal or slightly lower.

Does the Pulse Oximeter always show the right level of oxygen in the body?

One study found that all companies’ pulse oximeters provide similar results. But at different times, The result of this oxygen can be only 2 percent less and more depending on the level of oxygen and the oximeter. Which is considered very normal.

Which finger is better to choose when measuring body oxygen with pulse oximeter?

Body oxygen can be measured by using a pulse oximeter with any finger of both hands.But the idea is told from past experience.For people accustomed to working with the right hand, good results can be obtained by measuring the pulse oximeter with the left hand and with the thumb.

However, if the hand is colder than the body temperature, then the pulse oximeter does not work properly. In this case, the pulse oximeter can give wrong results. So you have to pay special attention to this before using.