OxyKit Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinders

৳ 15,000
  1. Patients suffering from respiratory diseases can use it as per the advice of the...


At the present time OxyKit portable oxygen cylinder price 15,000/- taka in bangladesh(BD).

The OxyKit portable oxygen cylinder is made of aluminum. This type of oxygen cylinder, made of aluminum, is 30 percent lighter than oxygen cylinder made of steel. OxyKit oxygen cylinders are designed to be transportable from one place to another. Oxykit oxygen cylinder refillable. Medical oxygen can be refilled from anywhere in Bangladesh through Medical oxygen gas manufacturers or gas dealers.

Advantages of Oxykit portable oxygen cylinders.

  1. Patients suffering from respiratory diseases can use it as per the advice of the doctor.
  2. Senior Citizens for Wellness Oxykit oxygen cylinders can be supplied.
  3. It can be easily used for traveling, mountaineering, breathing at high altitudes.
  4. For refreshments from daily pollution.
  5. Oxykit oxygen cylinders are very suitable for use in hazardous environments. For example, When traveling by plane, or when swimming underwater.

The current price of a portable OxyKit Oxygen Cylinder with so many facilities has been fixed at only taka 15,000 in Dhaka Bangladesh (BD).

When a person buys a portable oxygen cylinder from us. Then we provide three services to our buyers. These three services are discussed in detail below.

1# OxyKit Portable Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery :

We provide portable Oxy Kit Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery in just 60 minutes in Dhaka. And the products are delivered through home delivery to the buyer’s home in just 12 hours all over Bangladesh outside Dhaka.

We have a well-trained home delivery team. Those carrying 12 motorcycles and 6 pick-ups. And there are branch offices all over Bangladesh including Dhaka. Each of our branch offices stocks oxygen cylinders. In this way we can deliver the product to the buyer in a very fast time.

Oxygen is a life-giving product. Lack of oxygen can cause a person to die within minutes. So it is very important to deliver the oxygen cylinder to the patient’s home in a timely manner. Our delivery team therefore handles the task of delivering Oxygen Cylinder Home very seriously.

2# Oxygen Cylinder installation Service :

An OxyKit oxygen cylinder contains various accessories. ‍Such as example : Cylinder, oxytherapy set, face mask, nasal cannula, and trolley, oxygen refill.

Each component has to be attached before refilling a cylinder. We always attach these devices to the cylinders for the convenience of the customer.As a result, a person can easily receive liquid oxygen from the oxygen cylinder without any hassle.

3# Oxygen cylinder refill Service.

We provide Oxygen Cylinder Refill Service to Oxygen Cylinder Users all over Bangladesh inside and outside Dhaka. Oxygen cylinder refill charge at the price fixed by the company is only 150 to 300 taka. However, the oxygen cylinder refuel charge in Dhaka, including home delivery charge and service charge, is only taka 600 to taka 800.

However, outside Dhaka, due to higher transport costs and service charges across Bangladesh.So Oxygen cylinder refill charge is comparatively a little higher outside Dhaka than in Dhaka City.

Outside Dhaka,Oxygen cylinder refill costs only Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 across Bangladesh.

Additional information


Oxy Kit


Above 99 %

Cylinder Material


Gas Capacity

1500 Litres

Type Of Cylinder


Kit Consists Of

Valve, Nasal Mask, Flowmeter, Humidifier Bottle

Water Capacity (Litres)

B-Type (10 Litre)

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Kit