5L Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator

৳ 95,000

At present the price of 5 liter Philips Oxygen Concentrator in Bangladesh is only...


At the time 5L Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator Price 95,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

Features of 5L Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator :

  1. The 5 liter Philips EverFlo oxygen concentrator has many benefits. It is worth mentioning that this concentrator weighs only 31 pounds. Which during transport and use, Shipping helps reduce storage costs and the risk of injury.
  2. This concentrator’s Right Fit series sheds light on the needs of patients. The programs in the Overflow Right Fit section are a complete portfolio And it is inspired by patients.
  3. The use of this concentrator does not require much electricity. Its system generates heat using less electricity and makes the overflow concentrator patient-friendly.And it has a high quality flow meter. Which helps reduce its accidental breakage.
  4. Being a concentrator of compact design, it looks like a medical device. It is designed in such a way that it takes up very little space during use.
  5. Its maintenance cost is very low and its filter does not have to be changed within 2 years. Which in many ways reduces the suffering of the customers. It provides the highest pure oxygen. This makes it possible to meet the demand for pure oxygen.

Special note : We are currently price 5 liter Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator all over Bangladesh for 95,000/- taka. If anyone has purchased this product from our company at this price. Then we give them free home delivery in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh.

We have our own home delivery team who do home delivery work all over Bangladesh. And the technician team stays with the home delivery team for the convenience of our customers.This team of technicians installs the oxygen concentrator properly and fixes any mechanical faults.

You may need 5L Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator at any time for respiratory problems. If you need this product, call our office hotline number 01716961897 anytime, from anywhere in bangladesh 24 hours a day.

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5 Litre


14 Kg



Noise Level

45 dbA

Internal Tubing Storage


Connector Material

Metal Cannula

Molded Handle

For Easy Transport