Islam Medical Oxygen Cylinders

৳ 12,500

Islam Medical Oxygen Cylinder is a high quality medical oxygen cylinder in Dhaka...


Islam oxygen cylinder price 12,500/- taka  in Dhaka Bangladesh.

provaoxygen has been selling lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant aluminum medical islam oxygen cylinders in the Bangladesh market for more than 5 years.

  1. Produced from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
  2. All Medical Oxygen Cylinders are manufactured from high quality internationally manufactured raw materials.
  3. Site Dot (IIA) inspection-dimensional, visual, hydrostatic, tensile and explosion tests.
  4. Serialization – Complete traceability of cylinder production batches, test reports and raw materials.
  5. Custom colors, labels and graphics.
  6. Personalized customer support – technical search, new product development, supply.

Oxygen cylinders at retail prices for homes, hospitals, nursing homes all over Dhaka and across Bangladesh. This oxygen cylinder offers a good advantage with its lightweight aluminum construction and portability. Our company will provide you oxygen cylinders at a fair price. Call us now and place your order now. Your time is precious and the price of our oxygen cylinder is the lowest in the market.

When a customer buys an Islam Medical oxygen cylinder from us. After that he needs different types of services. E.g.

  • Oxygen cylinder home delivery service in Dhaka. Home delivery service by courier outside Dhaka.

When a customer buys an oxygen cylinder from us. Then he hopes that very soon we can deliver the oxygen cylinder to his house. We accurately evaluate the time of our customers. And in Dhaka we deliver oxygen cylinders home in 1 hour. And in any district of Bangladesh outside Dhaka, we deliver oxygen cylinders in 10 to 12 hours through our private courier. So don’t worry about home delivery anymore. Call this number +8801716961897 to get very fast oxygen cylinder home delivery.

  • Oxygen cylinder installation service.

After purchasing an oxygen cylinder, it is accompanied by a number of accessories. These include Oxygen Trolley, Flow Meter, Nasal Canola and Oxygen Max. After doing all these together, it becomes useful to use one cylinder. And we provide installation service to our customers after purchasing the oxygen cylinder. And this work is called Installation Service. There is no service charge for this from our company.

  • Oxygen cylinder refill service when liquid oxygen is exhausted.

Each oxygen cylinder contains liquid oxygen completely filled. When a cylinder is used, go to a stage of use and all from that cylinder Liquid oxygen is depleted. Then the oxygen cylinder has to be refilled to make it usable again. This filling process is called refill system.

We provide Oxygen Cylinder Refuel service to all the buyers who purchase Oxygen Cylinder from us in a very fast time.We also provide this service to people other than our customers. Refill fee in Dhaka is only 150 to 300 taka. However, only taka 600 to taka 800 including delivery charge and service charge.

For the convenience of our company’s customers, we are very sincere in providing after sales service. The price of an Islam oxygen cylinder in Dhaka Bangladesh is only 12500 taka, and you can get after sales service within this money.

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Standard & Medium


3 Fitt


16 kg


2000 Litters

Up To

15 Litter/ Min


1 : Oxygen Cylinder
2 : Oxygen Mask
3 : Trolly
4 : Flow Meter
5 : Nasal Canela

Home Delivery



Life time.