3 Function Hospital Bed

৳ 42,000

3 Function Electric Hospital Bed price 42,000/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh. Contact...


Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh

Hospital Bed 3 Function.  High Low, 3 Function manual Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh.  The perfect solution for nursing homes and private homes as this bed has a high-low facility as well as full fowler positioning – adjustable backrest and adjustable knee break.  Ideal with patients who have difficulty getting into and out of the bed, just lower then raise.   This is the manual version, for a full electric 3 function please see Bed 3 Function electric.


  • Winding backrest
  • Winding knee section
  • ABS Head/Foot boards
  • Folding bed sides
  • Removable head and foot ends
  • Bed height without mattress 400 – 750 mm
  • Estimated dimensions 2200 x 1100 x 510 mm

The Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh is a bed specially designed for users who need medical assistance, whether in a hospital, nursing facility or at home. The prices of these hospital beds in Bangladesh include features that improve user comfort and well-being. -And provide convenience for healthcare professionals. These functions usually include height adjustment, mattress contouring, tilt function, bed armrests, pressure relief mattresses (for example, replacement of air cushions). Available in various widths and designs, it can be installed within 2-3 days by our British engineering team. Click here to see all the beds in Opera Hospital.

When you leave the hospital,

You may be told that you need a bed before you can safely leave the hospital. How do you do this? Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh Read our quick guide to learn how to buy a hospital bed for your house? Which hospital bed is best for family use? With such an important decision and many different options, in terms of the Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh, choosing the bed that best suits your needs can be difficult.Read our quick guide to learn about the best hospital beds for families. How big is the hospital bed? The beds used in hospitals are usually 90 cm wide and 1.8 m long. Prices of hospital beds in Bangladesh If you need to book a hospital bed for yourself or your loved ones, and want to use a wider bed, please read our hospital bed size guide for more information?

When do you need a hospital bed? The Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh are expensive, and the days of old, dirty cast-iron bed frames, uncomfortable mattresses and broken springs are gone. Hospital beds today are very light, but they can still support 500 pounds. They can be easily broken down into 5 parts, so they can be easily broken down, transported and assembled immediately. The quality of available mattresses has also improved. Therefore, the question is: “When do you need hospital beds?”The Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh is not only effective for patients, elderly or hospitals.

Hospital beds are now

Called electric beds because they have become indispensable for those who have difficulty getting in and out of the car and recovering from back or abdominal surgery. With an all-electric hospital bed, you can adjust the total height of the head, feet and bed independently of each other to meet your needs. Place for patients When people are forced to lie in bed for a long time, the pressure their body exerts on the bed can cause a lot of heat to stay between the clothes, bed and bed. Human skin that causes pressure points. Or bedsores. These ulcers are extremely uncomfortable and difficult to treat.

It is generally recommended to use hospital beds as an alternative, so that they can easily move their bodies, twist and move pressure to relieve pain. -Injuries or mobility impairments If certain injuries or operations occur, people who have suffered certain injuries or operations will temporarily or permanently lose part of their mobility.The Hospital Bed Price in Bangladesh is usually on the second floor, and climbing stairs after surgery or injury is too difficult.

People who have undergone abdominal,

Back or pregnancy surgery often rent hospital beds because this allows them to sleep comfortably at a certain angle or in a painless posture, and go to bed or get out of bed at your expense. …Regular changes in pressure points on the body, which improve the blood flow of the patient in bed. Ion B. Patients with dementia or cognitive impairment who require caregivers to be vigilant and attentive or to prevent falls on a regular basis need to be supported on a hospital bed with a half splint. The armrest is adjustable and can slide up and down. They can make a person rest in bed, or provide a stable and safe element to make it easier to get up.