Lightweight Folding Wheelchair


Folding Wheelchair price in BD

A Lightweight fFolding Wheelchair price in BDr complete with attendant handbrakes and puncture proof tyres. Features:

  1. Lightweight folding wheelchair with Quick release / swing out height adjustable footrests.
  2. Half folding back mechanism.
  3. Attendant handbrakes.
  4. Solid puncture proof tyres.
  5. 18 stone maximum user weight.
  6. Fold up easily and compact so it can be stores and transported easily.
  7. Folded size is Height – 29.5″ / 75cm, Width – 10.5 / 27cm, Depth – 26″ / 66cm
  8. Attendant handbrakes can be pulled up to use as slowing brakes or pushed down to lock on to stop the wheelchair rolling.


  1. Seat Width: 18″
  2. Length: (Folded) 22″
  3. Length: (Unfolded) 22″
  4. Width: (Folded) 10 1/2″
  5. Width: (Unfolded) 23 1/2″
  6. Height: (Folded) 31″
  7. Height: (Unfolded) 31″
  8. Net Weight: 11 kgs
  9. Seat size: 19″
  10. Wheel size & Tyre: 8″ Castor / 12″ rear tyre

The price of a Folding Wheelchair price in BD is a foldable manual wheelchair. The biggest advantage of this kind of wheelchair is that it is easy to transport and store. The reinforcement makes them heavier than rigid wheelchairs. Most folding wheelchairs in Bangladesh have an X-shaped frame that can be folded to the side. This makes them very suitable for storage and does not take up much space. It can be stored in the trunk of the car. In this case, no larger or more complicated means of transportation is required. Adjustable components for wheelchairs. The frame of the Folding Wheelchair price in Bangladesh is more flexible than the rigid wheels of the chair.

Foldable wheelchairs are more

Stable than rigid wheelchairs because all four wheels remain on the ground and the frame is bent to accommodate uneven surfaces.However, the disadvantage is that they have poor stability on hard floor surfaces. In Bangladesh, the Folding Folding Wheelchair price in BD has more adjustable parts, so it can be folded for storage. However, these parts are easy to break or wear, which is necessary. Therefore, the maintenance of the Folding Wheelchair price in Bangladesh is higher. Compared with rigid frame wheelchairs, foldable wheelchairs are flexible in design. Because foldable wheelchairs in Bangladesh are flexible, they tend to absorb energy.

Compared with rigid wheelchairs, it is difficult to push and manipulate. A flexible body will absorb most of the power used to propel you. It is also heavy, not as strong or durable as a rigid wheelchair. When considering the Folding Folding Wheelchair price in BD, certain activities, such as sports or other sports, should be avoided. Foldability should provide some characteristics such as resistance and stability. A chair is a good choice in some situations, but it also reduces its stability and durability.

The main advantages of folding wheelchairs In most cases, the Folding Wheelchair price in Bangladesh is not designed for self-propelled sports, but more suitable for those who have no or no torso strength, and those who have no or no torso strength . Rigid wheelchairs from young to very old have better sturdiness. The main cost advantage of foldable Folding Wheelchair price in BD is its portability and easy storage. Although it may be heavier than a rigid wheelchair, it is also easier for caregivers to lift, store and move. Easy to fold and put away, it is very suitable for smaller living spaces and smaller vehicles.