OxyKit Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinders (1500 Liters) for Clinical


Oxygen OxyKit price in BD

OxyKit comes with a lightweight Al-Can aluminum oxygen cylinder,Oxygen OxyKit price in BD with a bull nose valve, a bull nose regulator (variable flow 0-15 l), mask and carrying bag. Bull nose cylinders and valves have been approved by the Government of India-PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Department). OxyKit aluminum cylinders are about 30% lighter than steel cylinders. OxyKit is portable and easy to use. Oxygen Kit price in BD can be reused and can be refilled anywhere in India by natural gas manufacturers or natural gas distributors. Oxygen OxyKit price in BD is very suitable for: 1. Patients who have difficulty breathing (under the guidance of a doctor/under the prescription of a doctor. The elderly are healthy.

Under pressure. Yatra, climbers, trackers help breathe in high altitude areas).Daily Dirt OxyKit provides athletes and cool athletes equipped with lightweight aluminum and aluminum oxygen cylinders, with ball valves, spherical regulators (flow rate adjustable from 0 to 15 liters), masks and bags. The cylinder and ball valve have been approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Department (PESO). OxyKit aluminum cylinders are about 30% lighter than steel. OxyKit is portable and easy to use. Oxygen OxyKit price in BD gas is reusable and can be filled anywhere in India through the manufacturer or distributor of OxyKit gas. Ideal choice: 1. Respiratory tract patients (under medical supervision/prescription), elderly people for health reasons.Pressure transfer, yatra, climbers, and trackers make breathing in high altitude areas easier, and athletes and athletes get rid of the trouble of daily pollution.

Water Capacity (Litres) 1.8 Liters
Usage Medical Use
Working Pressure 150 kgf/cm2
Type of Cylinder Filled
Gas Capacity 270 Liters
Usage/Application Clinical
Brand Oxy Kit
Cylinder Material Manufacture from High strength aluminium alloy 6061A and Alloy 7060.
Material Aluminium Alloy
Diameter 111
Length 11
Cylinder Capacity 1.8 ltr
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece

Aluminum cans are exported to Pvt.

Oxygen OxyKit price in BD The limited company was established in 1986. GmbH. It is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of approved gas cylinders, gas cylinder accessories, oxygen regulators and gas sensors production lines. The products we provide are designed and manufactured using the highest quality raw materials obtained from reliable suppliers in the industry. This series of products are in high demand in the market for their excellent performance, high efficiency, excellent quality and corrosion resistance. We provide products of various specifications to meet the different needs of our valued customers.